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Safire Oil and Gas Consulting is pleased to announce the formation of a new joint venture with Trinity Petroleum Consultants out of Houston, TX.

Trinity Petroleum Consultants has been an industry leader in severance tax since 1984. Trinity provides years of experience, proprietary leading severance tax software, and a loyal customer base. We are excited to share our combined innovative-modern consulting services. Together we offer a host of services to oil and gas companies by minimizing the stress of managing severance tax and maximizing the opportunities to add to your bottom-line financial performance.

We are excited to have joined forces with Safire. We feel that all of our combined existing clients and prospective clients will benefit greatly from the combination of skill sets we have to offer.

—Trinity Petroleum Consultants

Trinity Petroleum Consultants was founded in 1984 for the purpose of maximizing tax refunds for oil and gas producers.

Trinity’s expertise is focused specifically in the area of state severance taxes. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, the oil and gas producer’s need for an effective tax recovery program is more important than ever. Trinity believes that potential for additional severance tax recovery exists for every oil and gas producer – no matter how thorough previous internal reviews and external audits have been.

At the core of Trinity’s business is a sophisticated tax recovery software developed specifically for natural gas producers. This proprietary software has the capacity to integrate and accurately analyze vast amounts of complex historical data downloaded directly from client and government databases. Trinity uses this technology to effectively isolate areas where severance taxes have been overpaid, thus generating the largest possible refunds.

Through Trinity’s dynamic approach in defining state policies and procedures, natural gas producers significantly reduce severance tax liability. Working within the framework of state laws and regulations, Trinity has been able to maximize severance tax refunds. By challenging state severance tax policies and regulations, Trinity’s owners have been called the “founding fathers of severance tax consulting” through precedent-setting and enacting legislative change since 1984.

In the past 17 years, trinity has recovered more than $202mm in overpaid taxes—all at no out-of-pocket expense to the client.

Left to right: Sam Bravenec, Roosevelt Washington and Paul Therrien


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