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A happy client confirms a successful strategy. To us, strategy is more than a plan of action or a game plan for success. It’s about being a visionary—enlightening our clients so that they can see the bigger picture. We work alongside you to develop a plan to personalize our severance tax services for your company. From consulting, business analytics, and identifying areas of accounting opportunities to successfully integrating new solutions and processes to increase severance tax efficiencies, our number one goal is to create strategies that will help you enhance your bottom line.

It is Safire’s mission to minimize your severance tax payout for the future and maximize your human and financial capital, giving you the tools to lead your company toward growth and financial success.

Custom Needs Assessment
AP Coding Analysis
LOE Costs
Depreciation and ROI
Sales Contracts

Tax Reimbursement
Post-Production Costs
Marketing Costs
Low-Producing/Marginal Wells
High Cost Gas
Enhanced Oil Recovery

Controls and Procedures
Software Conversion and Set-Up
Staff Training
Prospective Rate
Process Implementation

Through our expert team of seasoned professionals, we will provide a stellar experience that is customized to fit your severance tax needs. Contact us to schedule a consult today!

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