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In 2019, we established Safire Oil and Gas Consulting in Northwest Houston, Texas, with a satellite office in Austin, Texas. With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, we are prepared to partner with clients looking to minimize the stress of managing severance tax and maximize opportunities to add to their bottom-line performance. What began as years of working inside oil and gas companies grew to us leading the efforts of accounting firms specializing in state oil and gas taxation. Today, we have evolved into a stellar team that is prepared to deliver a superior experience tailored to fit each client’s needs. 

It’s not by chance that we have chosen a yellow sapphire as a key symbol to represent our company. As the stone of prosperity and wealth, we are inspired by its power to fuel our ambition and promote business success. Bright, energetic, and rare in form, its beauty is the culmination of all the attributes we love most about this special gem and what we take the most pride in about ourselves. As we like to say, “The most priceless gems are often hidden, and only the dedicated are willing to find them.” 

Through unwavering integrity, insight to considering our client’s needs, and specialized intelligence, it is our mission to minimize the stress of managing severance tax and maximize opportunities to add to your bottom-line performance.

Our dedicated team has helped pave the way to creating a company that is committed to give more, do more, and be more for each client that we serve.

Sarah Magruder

Sarah Magruder

President, CEO, and Owner

Steve Bailey

Steve Bailey

Project Director

Carrie Provence

Carrie Provence

Data Manager

Danielle Denton

Danielle Denton

team lead

“I had the opportunity to work with Sarah on a Texas Severance Tax project. Safire  brought an expertise that our organization simply could not match. Because of their efforts, we were able to square away 2 years of tax issues penalty free, and take advantage of tax savings in areas to which we were previously unaware. Our organization was able to translate the clear and concise procedures that they delivered and apply them to many of our other Texas assets. I would 10/10 recommend Sarah and the rest of the Safire team to anyone who needs help navigating the thick weeds of Oil and Gas Severance Tax.”

Aaron Eastin
Senior Accountant

“I am so excited to be working again with Sarah Magruder of Safire Oil & Gas Consulting. I had the pleasure to work with them in the past, and they were who I thought of first to assist me on a current severance tax project. Their professionalism and expertise in severance tax is unmatched!”

Mary Murphy
Oxley Energy LLC

“I have known and worked with Sarah since 2003. Since that time she has consistently delivered results for her clients. If you are in need of severance tax help or want to maximize your savings, I would highly recommend you give Sarah and her team a call.”

Trent Murphy
Accounting Manager

“I worked with Sarah at Swift. We worked across different departments. She was incredibly knowledgeable and straightforward during our joint meetings. She was a great communicator and easy to work with. I really enjoyed working with Sarah and hope to work with her again one day.”

Rebecca Wright
Owner of BCRA Incorporated

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