The cost of overpaying severance tax
may be costing you more than you think.
Let us turn your losses into wins.

Hidden gems are found in different forms

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 Oil and gas Tax consulting
 Oil and gas Tax consulting
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Oil and gas Houston Texas

If it’s only about the refund, you will never fix

The Real Problem

At Safire, our Severance Tax Review process involves three key steps:

1. REVIEW your company’s processes, contracts, practices, and recent filings

2. RECOVER the monies due as a result of our findings

3. RESET your processes, so that we minimize your payout for the future and maximize your human and financial capital, giving you the tools to lead your company toward growth and financial success

Oil and gas Houston Texas

Through unwavering integrity, insight to considering our client’s needs, and specialized intelligence, it is our mission to add to your bottom-line performance.

Through our expert team of seasoned professionals, we will provide a stellar experience that is customized to fit your severance tax needs. Contact us to begin a new view today!

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